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The Secret rooms!

Having visited a number of potential projects since the new year we have seen some really interesting and exciting things! Public houses in desperate need of repair with rotten floors, subsidence, and spooky cellars; tired bungalows in need of urgent updating with ultra retro carpets and stunning views; a grade II listed building with the hottest wood burning stove in the world (probably), uncovered stone cobbles and wonky walls.......

But my favourite so far has to be a stunning project in Holmfirth! The owners purchased the property with a plan to renovate and extend to suit the requirements of busy family life and a plan to be self sufficient!

During the stripping out phase of the building the internal finishes were removed from the external walls to allow for the installation of new insulation and insulated plasterboard.

While taking off finishes in one of the rooms at the ground floor level a covered up doorway was located! Opening up the door revealed 2 secret rooms with stone slab roofs and stone walling, and some interesting mold growth features. What a great find!

*Please note - Bamford Architectural Ltd. do not recommend taking off all internal finishes to find secret rooms*

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